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Guided Hikes

Enjoy some of New Englands most impressive waterfalls and breathtaking mountain views on one of the many excellent hikes here in The Forks region of Western Maine. All hikes include parking at our base and transportation to/from the trailhead (unless otherwise noted), trail snacks, and our professional and friendly guides will make sure your hike is a safe, pleasant and unforgettable experience. All our hikes are easy-to-moderate and take place in the morning, leaving you time to enjoy lunch at a local eatery and tackle another adventure in the afternoon - consider cooling off after your hike with our daily relaxing Kennebec River Floats

Have another hike in mind?
Let's make it happen together!

If you have your heart set on another hike in The Forks / Jackman / Moosehead regions, we'd love to help you out. Fill out the brief form below and we'll reach out to help design and guide your custom adventure!

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch ASAP.

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