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Professionally Guided
Maine Whitetail
Hunts & Clinics

We specialize in tracking down heavy, mature bucks in the remote mountains and big timber country of Northwestern Maine. This is some of the most challenging & rewarding whitetail hunting you can experience.  


Our Full Attention

1:1 professionally guided hunts.

4x4 transportation provided.

Trail/truck-side lunches provided.

Equipped with the right tools to keep you safe and effective on the track.

1 - 3 Day Hunts

Fully-supported hunts each day with assistance in finding and following (if desired) tracks, strategic transportation, assistance in field dressing, game retrieval and transport to lodging and/or processor.  

3-day Tracking Clinics

A dynamic, 3-day, hands-on crash course learning the basics of the art of buck tracking in big timber country. You will grow your hunting and woodsmanship skills while working side-by-side with your guide to track and take a mature buck.


Northwestern Maine is home to a healthy but elusive population of giant whitetail bucks that require stamina, patience, and utter commitment to harvest. On average, 1-in-5 bucks taken in this range field dress at over 200lbs. While deer densities are lower than in southern and suburban areas of Maine, the quality of the herd is unmatched. Experience the most challenging and rewarding style of hunting big, mature whitetail bucks in northern Maine.


IRONBOUND OUTDOORS specializes in the classic style of tracking these big bucks on snow, or still-hunting them on early season bare ground. This is not a hunt for the faint-of-heart. We'll be in big, remote, untamed timber country with little vehicle access and will cover an average of 5-10 off-trail miles on foot each day. This is a rain, snow, or shine hunt - short of the very rare localized intense lightning storms, we hunt regardless of weather. We'll hunt hard, eat plenty, and sleep well before waking up early and getting back on the track until we connect with your buck. It's a big undertaking, and we're here to help make your hunt successful.


All of our deer hunts include ample year-round scouting, pre-hunt gear and outfitting assistance, access to your guide at any point leading up to your hunt, off-road capable transportation and fuel expenses for the duration of your hunt, as well as after-harvest support with field dressing, game retrieval and transport to your lodging and/or processor. 


IRONBOUND OUTDOORS is a veteran owned & operated guide service located in The Forks, ME. Justin & Celeste, both Registered Maine Guides, stand ready to make your Maine Whitetail Hunt a successful and memorable experience. These big woods are our back yard and we invite you to lean on our expertise and scouting to up your chances of a clean harvest.

Please feel free to reach out with a phone call or the form below for any questions or further details. We are always happy to hop on a phone call to discuss our options and your personalized needs.

**While we do not offer onsite lodging at our base in The Forks, we work closely with local partners for a variety of excellent lodging options and are happy to coordinate this for you.**

Hunts / Clinics & Rates

1:1 Fully Guided Hunt: 1-3 days

(Unless otherwise noted, 3-day hunts occur on Mon-Wed & Thurs-Sat)

This hunt includes 1:1 professional guide assistance for the entire hunt, transportation and fuel costs, coffee, snacks, trail/truck-side lunch, tracking guidance, GPS tracking and communication as needed, field-dressing, game retrieval, and transport of game to lodging and/or local processor.

We highly recommend committing to a 3-day hunt. While it is possible to encounter a buck in a single day, it is not uncommon to spend multiple days tracking the same one or two bucks. 6-Day (Mon-Saturday) hunts available by special request and as scheduling allows.

1:1 Fully Guided Hunt Rates:

1-day: $400

2-day: $750

3-day: $1100

3-Day Tracking Clinic

(Unless otherwise noted, clinics occur on Mon-Wed & Thurs-Sat)

Rather than hosting tracking clinics outside of hunting season, we offer ours in the midst of the hunt giving you the chance to harvest mature Maine buck even as you learn the ropes. If you're new to the practice of wilderness tracking, still hunting, and reading/analyzing deer sign - this is the perfect package for you. We recommend attending our tracking clinic 1:1 with your guide, but we do offer discounted rates for clinics with two participants.

This clinic is three FULL days of instruction and activity which includes: 1:1 professional guide assistance for the entire clinic/hunt, hunt transportation and fuel costs, coffee, snacks, trail/truck-side lunch, tracking guidance, GPS tracking and communication as needed, field-dressing, game retrieval, and transport of game to lodging and/or local processor.

What does a common tracking clinic look like:

Day 1:

Introduction to tracking, deer sign-reading, woodsmanship, wilderness safety and navigation at our base and the surrounding woods.


Day 2:

We hop in the truck and head to a strategic piece of remote wilderness to put into practice and expand on what we learned on day one, but in a remote track of land. 

Day 3:

A full day dedicated to the hunt informed by what we learned and discovered on Day two.

If your schedule allows for it, we highly recommend adding a 3-Day Fully Guided Hunt onto your clinic to put your new skills to the test and greatly increase your chances of harvesting a mature Maine buck (ie. Tracking Clinic on Monday-Wednesday, Fully-Guided Hunt Thursday-Saturday).We offer a $100 discount for a 3-Day Fully Guided Hunt at any point in the same season you that you book a Tracking Clinic.


Tracking Clinic Rates:

1 hunter: $950

2 hunters: $1500


Not Included in any hunt or clinic:

  • Clothing/outerwear

  • Lodging

  • Breakfast/Dinner

  • Hunting Licenses

  • NMW Gate Fees (when applicable)

  • Processing Fees 

  • Taxidermist Fees

  • Firearms

  • Tax

  • Gratuities

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